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Why The Clubhouse Northshore?

We’re living longer … some longer than others. Social circles are changing. So make new friends and help the community stay independent. Adapt to the challenge of living longer. Take advantage of the opportunities at Clubhouse Northshore to enhance your social circles. Did you know that social engagement is the most effective way to increase independent function?

L’chaim Chaverut Clubhouse Northshore is a new initiative offering a social venue for Milwaukee’s older Jewish senior adults ages 65+ in the North Shore. Independent Jewish seniors will have a warm and welcoming destination to hang-out, make new friends, eat a little , learn a little, and laugh a lot. This will be accomplished through free enrichment programs such as informative speakers, peer-led and on-line group learning, interactive games, music , humor, special events and more!

What Is The Clubhouse?

L’ Chaim Chaverut Clubhouse Northshore (“the Clubhouse”) is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) corporation founded in August 2017.

Clubhouse-Northshore Jewish Senior ActivitiesJewish Senior Activities

We founded the Clubhouse in direct response to the rapid growth of the Milwaukee North Shore’s aging Jewish population, the epidemic of loneliness among independent older adults, and specifically the lack of affordable structured social support systems for Jewish older adults living independently.

The Clubhouse’s mission is to provide social engagement through enrichment programs for older Jewish adults in the North Shore. Through the Clubhouse, independent Jewish seniors will have the opportunity to engage their mind, body, and soul, improving their ability to age in place and increase independent function as late in life as possible.

Our target participants are isolated and non-affiliated Jewish seniors, with an emphasis on those over 75. Jewish values will guide every clubhouse session, therefore, we are open to all walks of life.


Where And When Is The Clubhouse?

Gatherings are held twice monthly at

Congregation Shalom
7630 N Santa Monica Blvd
Fox Point, WI  53217


Non-members are encouraged to attend.


Check-in starts at 11:45 AM and a variety of programming goes until about 2:30 PM.
Lunch will be served for $3.00. Kosher options may be pre-ordered.
Transportation can be arranged when requested.

Fall Program Schedule

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Register For Lunch Now

(If you need special arrangements, such as vegetarian, Gluten Free or Certified Kosher,  please let us know in advance.  We make special orders from Cafa B Data at the JCC.)

DateCatered ByRegister By
Tuesday, October 23Royal Gardens (Chinese)Thursday, October 18
Wednesday, November 7Larry’s MarketFriday, Nov. 2
Tuesday, November 27Dr. DawgThursday, Nov. 22
Tuesday, Dec. 4


Thursday, Nov. 30
Wednesday, Dec. 19SendiksFriday, Dec. 14


Register for Lunch

There are four different ways you can register:

1). Email Judy Winnik.Just Click this link.
2). Call Judy Winnik at 414-882-1393.

3). Print this page out with your browser and mail in a check.
4). Use the form below to register and pay using PayPal.  You do NOT have to join PayPal to use this feature.

Register For Lunch

Use this form to register for lunch. Charges are based on the number of people attending.

You plus your guests
You will be contacted to arrange your transportation. If you have not heard from us, please call.
Equals Total Attending Times $3.00
You are NOT required to have PayPal account to pay using PayPal. Just use a credit card instead. That is the only way we can accept credit cards.

The Clubhouse Team

Judy Winnik, Lori Kornblum and Deb Slater welcome guests to L’Chaim Chaverut Clubhouse





Judy Winnik


I was born and raised in Milwaukee, left for college, pursued a successful 40-year career in the 3 m’s- management, marketing and merchandising while living in Chicago and Toronto.

Little did I know that this creatively rich profession would prepare me for my unrealized passion to assist the elderly to enjoy this time in their lives.

I returned to Milwaukee in 2013 when I thought that my 91 year old mother should no longer live alone. There was no question as to whether I should make a major change in my life to assist her. My strong Jewish faith compelled me to “ kibud av va-eim”, honor my parents.

My return to Milwaukee gave my mother the opportunity to age in place while I worked part-time. A volunteer program sponsored by Congregation Shalom, connected me with the Sarah Chudnow Ovations community for Christmas, but it resulted in my part-time employment there for 2 and a half years creating and implementing activities for residents. I fell in love with the elderly!


As part of my work at Sarah Chudnow, I created and implemented the Holocaust Survivors Seder, which won a national award for Jewish Programming from the AJAS (https://www.ajas.org/about-us/awards-winners/) in 2018 for Jewish Programming.


I now had a heightened awareness of the silver tsunami and wondered if our Jewish community was offering enough opportunities to encourage social engagement for our seniors to avoid loneliness and isolation, that is so prevalent today.


When I met Deb Slater and Lori Kornblum, they too, had concerns that since there are so many seniors in the north shore, and we are all living longer, perhaps we should do some research on this subject. We did that, and now find it necessary to fill the void to address the social needs of our Jewish elderly community. We see a need to lay the groundwork, to encourage independence through social programs to enrich our quality of life.


Hence, L’Chaim Chaverut Clubhouse Northshore!


Debra Slater

Vice-chair and Treasurer

I’m a long-time Milwaukee resident.  I practiced law with the firm, Weiss, Berzowski, Brady LLP for 27 years.  Since I retired, I have devoted a substantial amount of time to my elderly parents.   My parents have lived in Milwaukee all their lives.  With my assistance, they are basically healthy and independent.  As they’ve aged, they’ve tried to take advantage of various Jewish programs throughout the city. 

However, they often comment about the physical challenges that prevent them from using some of our communities’ facilities.  Alternatively, they feel that there is not enough stimulating programming available to them. Through discussions about these issues, I connected with Judy Winnik and Lori Kornblum (who face similar issues with their parents) to create a program for people like them (and in the not too distant future, for people like me).  Based on 4 focus groups we conducted, we think there’s a vibrant elderly community that would be drawn to our program’s concept, provided it’s accessible and offers quality programming. We believe L’Chaim Chaverut Northshore could be that program and we’re committed to giving it a try.




I am an attorney in the Northshore area, with my focus on Adult Guardianship, Child Abuse, Foster Care, Disability issues, and other issues. I I have a special interest in issues affecting older adults, and volunteer giving classes on the Law Behind the News to seniors. Through this affiliation, I met Judy and Deb.

We realized that a huge void exists in the Milwaukee Northshore Area for independent seniors who want high quality social experiences and programming, outside of the traditional Assisted Living channels. Together, we formed this organization. I also am an Adjunct Professor at Marquette University Law School and a full time Instructor in the Paralegal Department at Milwaukee Area Technical College. I am proud of my three adult children, one of whom has Autism. I teach a variety of legal subjects. Before joining MATC as a full time faculty member, I served as an Assistant District Attorney in Milwaukee County for 22 years. I have provided training for lawyers, doctors, police and social workers, locally, throughout the State and nationally, and have served on the Board of Directors of numerous non-profits. With my husband, Bruce Semon, M.D., Ph.D., I am a co-author of Feast Without Yeast(1999) and Extraordinary Foods for the Everyday Kitchen (2003) 

Judy Holzman-Board Member-Volunteer Coordinator


Born in Sheboygan Wisconsin, I have lived in Milwaukee for more than 45 years. I graduated from Prairie State College with a degree in Dental Hygiene. After working 19 years as a hygienist and volunteering in my son’s elementary school, I found I enjoyed working with children. I eventually was hired by the district as a Para-Professional and spent 25 years in different classrooms with many diverse students. I retired 3 years ago and found myself in need of something to occupy my time. Along with substituting in an elementary school in my neighborhood, I continue to volunteer working with children in a program that brings Milwaukee students to locations after school to be tutored. I also recently became affiliated with the L’Chaim Chaverut Club House. I find working with seniors very gratifying. I believe this program fills a need in the Jewish community. The summer “Pilot” program that has been implemented has opened my eyes to the fact seniors are  very viable and enjoy gathering with their peers in a community they feel comfortable.


Devora Gelin-Board Member


I have been interested in service since a small child.  I have taught in many places and in many miles for over 40 years.  It is always my aim to do something for someone each and every day.  The Clubhouse is a way to do service with the elderly in my community and I enjoy interacting with this population.  


 Lindsay Charney-Board Member

My name is Lindsay Charney and I am originally from Chicago. This September will be my 10th year as a resident in Wisconsin with my husband, which definitely now feels like home. My husband is originally from Fox Point and his love for his hometown has definitely rubbed off on me. While living in Chicago,  I attended Columbia College and studied film/tv and early childhood education. I then went on to work as a preschool teacher for quite a few years. I adore children and have the patients and temperament to work with them. A few years after I moved to Milwaukee, I found myself visiting my grandmother quite a bit at her home at Ovation Sarah Chudnow. I quickly became friendly with the residents and staff and they soon asked if I would be interested in working with the residents in the Activities Department. I accepted their position and after 3 years as the Activities Assistant, I became the Activities Manager. My time working at Ovation Sarah Chudnow was extremely rewarding and  taught me what a blessing it is to form friendships with seniors for they have so much amazing knowledge to offer and to learn from. I realized my “old soul” was a perfect fit for working with seniors. I also was fortunate to establish relationships with the residents family members and this was another great way for me to feel connected to the jewish community in Milwaukee. When I was first informed about the Clubhouse Northshore, I of course was not only excited for the seniors in the community to have a place to gather and socialize, but also for myself and other volunteers to meet other residents that live all over the Northshore of Milwaukee. For this Clubhouse Northshore can be a continuation for old and new generations to meet and socialize and I feel honored to be able to work with the seniors once again.    


July 25–Fun and Music

Our 4th session on July 25th had the highest attendance of the summer. The word is out that the place to spend a lighthearted afternoon is with other seniors like yourself at The Clubhouse Northshore. The hot meal  of turkey mashed potatoes with gravy and or sloppy...

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Find Fun With Friends

Find Fun With Friends

Find Fun With Your Friends At Clubhouse Northshore Clubhouse Northshore for independent Jewish seniors is a warm and welcoming destination to hang-out. Make new friends, eat a little, learn a little, and laugh a lot. The Clubhouse’s mission is...

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