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Having Fun at L’Chaim Chaverut Clubhouse

We have received enough donations to have one program this Winter.  We are excited to announce our Winter program on February 20, 2019, featuring catering from Royal Gardens (Chinese), with a Kosher option for those who want it, and music.  We look forward to seeing you!  Please register in advance by clicking this link.

We have raised the cost to $5.00 per person from $3.00, based on comments from our members.  

We hope to have a full slate of programs soon, 6 in the Winter/Spring, another 6 in the Summer and another 6 in the Fall….every year.  However, we can’t do that without your help.  When you register for lunch, please add an extra donation to defray our costs.  If you can’t come to lunch, you can help by donating now.  Any amount helps.  Remember, this Clubhouse is for our members, where Friendship Pays Your Dues.  Click here to donate.