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We had a fabulous time on September 25, 2019! 

We started off with a lunch catered by Sendiks.  Over 80 people attended.  We then had an after-lunch talk by our new Milwaukee Jewish Federation President and  CEO, Miryam Rosenzeig.  We loved hearing about her ideas to unify  the Milwaukee Jewish Community.


We then had a fabulous dance lesson and presentation by the folks from Whitefish Bay’s Arthur Murray Dance Studio.  For more information about them, click here.

Here are lots of pictures of our Clubhouse members learning how to do different dances, from Box Step to Disco.  Some people got up and danced, others watched.  We all had fun.


After the lesson, we sat back for a real professional dance show!


What a wonderful day!  The dancers stayed after to give some private lessons, and invited all people who attended to contact them if they want more lessons.

At the end of the afternoon, we wished each other good day and L’Shanah Tova!  We will be on break until November 6, 2019.  See you then!